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Here are some examples of visuals I have done.
If you would like to book me to do visuals at an event please email

Etermal Motion


This was the album release stream for Entangled Mind's debut album "Eternal Motion." I created different visual accompaniment for each song.

Jizzy Fra


This is Jizzy Fra's set from the "In Honor of Juliana" fundraiser stream. This was probably one of my favorite visual projects to work on.

Metta (stream)


This set from Metta was part of a stream I did with Faelow and Entangled Mind.

She-Wolf (stream)


This is She-Wolf's set from my Bicycle Day stream.

Paplin A/V Set


This is my opening set for my stream featuring Wessanders, Octonipples, and Vizudha. Their sets can also be found on my channel.



This is the full stream of when we summoned Kathuloo with the help of Metta & Dual Natured. Kathuloo then has to battle Spensei for the fate of the world.

Darklord Gob


My visuals for Darklord Gob's set.

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