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Hullabalo0 - Towers

Listen & Download Here

I've been following Hullabalo0 for a few years now I'm I am very pleased with the improvement he's made in his sound and that he is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves, aided it seems in his involvement in some of Tipper's curated events. I was not fortunate enough to be at attendance for any of them but I've listened to his set from the most recent Tipper & Friends festival and it is quite spectacular. I recently stumbled on his Towers LP Promo Mix on soundcloud and I had to check out the whole album. The first song on the mix, Apple Seed, is one of the best new songs I've heard in a while, and there's been a lot of great stuff coming out lately. It's got some great laid back bass that you can gently sway back and forth to. Then the next song on the album lives up to its name, Business, by using those same similar bass sounds and presenting them in a slightly more amped up fashion along with some very Yheti sounding noises thrown in which I always enjoy. The whole album is worth giving a listen at only $7 for 11 songs its a great deal as well.