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REZINATE: J:Kenzo, The Librarian, DJ Madd, Dillard, Saltus

February 10th 2018 ~ 8:30PM ~ Middle East Downstairs ~ 18+ ~ $15-$25 Event Page

This is going to be a very special evening. Some of the finest purveyors of deep dubby bassy goodness will be gathered in the Middle East basement on the Hennessey Sound System. Starting off is Saltus, one of the brains behind all of these amazing Rezinate shows. He always brings a dope set perfectly curated to the mood of the night. Next up is Dillard from Denver. I honestly do not know much about him but this mix of some unreleased tunes assures me that his set will be quite nice. Following him we have DJ Madd who brings a nice reggae influenced dub sound to the table. Then as direct support we have the Librarian who runs Bass Coast up in Canada. I was lucky enough to stumble onto her set at the Oregon Eclipse Festival so I'm sure we're in for a treat if its anything like that. Finally the main attraction, J:Kenzo. I just discovered this guy a few weeks ago and I feel like a fool for being ignorant of his tasty brand of minimal dub and dnb. Having only experience his music through soundcloud singles, and hearing him hyped up so much by people, I can only imagine how spectacular his set will be. Do not miss out on this show.