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The Rust - Oxidized Vol. 2

Listen & Download Here

This compilation is huge, both in number of songs and their quality. I've been waiting for this come come out for some time and I was not disappointed. With so many wonderful songs from some of the best rising stars of the north east its hard to pick my favorites, but I'll try. Nodes by 5AM immediately caught my attention, mostly for the Duncan Trussell quotes he utilized, but also for the nice bubbly sounds he uses, evoking images that match with the sample. My other favorite would have to be Prifddinesian Light Creatures by Shapesift, which pairs a nice lullaby-esque tune with some really nice squishy bass sounds. Some others that stood out to me were the contributions from Malakai, Face Plant, Easyjack, LuSid, Ovoid, Keota, and Somatoast, but again, they're all amazing.

This is available as a pay what you want download, but if you choose to donate any money all proceeds will be going to Hurrican Maria relief efforts.