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AtYyA - Volition

Listen & Download Here

As soon as I saw notification from bandcamp informing me that there is a new release from AtYyA I dropped everything I was doing and started listening. AtYyA is without a doubt one of my favorite producers and this album lives up to my expectations and then some. I'm only a few songs in as I'm typing this and they're already some of my favorites from him. I can't even describe the amazing things he is able to do with his bass sounds and his overall style is incredibly beautiful and also very relaxing, you have to check it out for yourself.

From the description on bandcamp: Volition is the act of choosing. We are all beings of choice; blessed with the miracle of being able to choose who we are, and what our life will be. It is my intention to fill the recipients of this album with huge waves of inspiration to make choices that serve your greatest happiness.