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Entangled Mind ~ "Eternal Motion"

Entangled Mind has just released her debut album "Eternal Motion"

She has been one of my favorite producers for a while now and this album absolutely does not disappoint. I've also had the pleasure of working with her on several shows and streams in the past. Here's what she had to say about this release:

"Created over the past almost 3 years, this is my most personal work yet. It dives deep into a more emotional and introspective side of human experience - embracing joy, love, pain, uncertainty, inspiration and growth.

Creating music has always been a way that allows me to feel more connected, both to myself as well as to others and to the world in general, and I hope that this album makes others feel a little bit more connected too as we navigate this ever-changing life that we’re all entangled in."

You can buy the album at

We held a listening party on my twitch and I made thses videos for each of the songs which you can watch here: